We offer the opportunity to work in challenging projects related to 5G and 4G telco solutions. The Enea application development teams implement the business logic of 5G and 4G mobile network elements.
Our team atmosphere and international environment with worldwide customers, the technically challenging tasks make the job exciting.

Your skills

If you have experience with Java or other object-oriented languages (such as C#, C++, Go, Kotlin, …) you are a good candidate for us. Linux and/or networking experiences are welcome additions.

We expect all to have good communication skills in Croatian and English, spoken and written. You likely have a university degree that has introduced you to the software industry, but equivalent experiences can be taken into consideration.

About Enea

Enea is a Swedish global company with more than 50 years of creating communication driven products, developing the software foundation for the connected society. Solution vendors, systems integrators, and service providers rely on Enea when creating new world leading networking products and services. More than 3 billion people around the globe already depend on Enea technologies in their daily lives.
Enea continues to grow its operations in Osijek, Croatia and the local company is employing a growing team of almost 90 software engineers, responsible for the whole life cycle of product development (from design to support), to which we would like to welcome new members.


We’d love to hear from you!

If you are interested, please apply via application link and submit your CV in English by April 6th.

GDPR By submitting your CV, we take it that you agree that we keep a copy for an indeterminate amount of time (with the exclusive purpose of letting you know of future job openings). If you would like to withdraw your consent, you can do so at any time by writing to gdpr@enea.com. In that email, give us the information necessary to find your records (your name) and include some proof of identity (for example, the email address that was written on your CV). After establishing you are you, we’ll promptly remove your CV and personal data from our records.